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Frequently Asked Questions by Our Customers in Aston, PA

I am moving from out of state. What do I need to register my vehicle in Pennsylvania?2020-01-20T17:47:52-05:00
  • PA Driver’s License
  • PA Insurance
  • Car must be present for VIN Verification
  • Out of state title
  • Mileage of vehicle

** If the car is financed or leased, a title request must be submitted to receive the title. Once the title is received at the office, then the title work can be completed. **

Do you handle Driver’s License Restorations?2020-01-20T17:55:33-05:00

Yes, we post restoration fees instantly with our fees being additional

What do I need to bring in to do a PA title transfer?2020-01-20T17:56:05-05:00
  • Both the buyer and seller need to be here with their valid driver’s licenses
  • Buyer’s Proof of PA Insurance
  • PA Title
  • Bill of sale (if there is one)
  • Mileage of vehicle
What does it cost to do a title transfer?2020-01-20T17:56:38-05:00
  • Car: $202.00+ 6% sales tax on purchase price
  • Truck: Depends on gross vehicle weight + 6% sales tax on purchase price
  • Trailer: $185.00 + 6% sales tax on purchase price
What is required to do a boat title transfer?2020-01-20T17:57:08-05:00
  • Title if they have one and it has been titled before (if not, the registration card) -Valid Driver’s Licenses
  • Bill of sale
What do I need to get a notary and how much is it?2020-01-20T17:57:39-05:00
  • VALID Driver’s License, State ID, or Passport of the person signing, & the whole document, $5.00 per seal
What is a VIN? Where is it located?2020-01-20T17:58:17-05:00

A Vehicle Identification Number is a 17 digit number/letter combo that is assigned to the vehicle, it is located on the driver’s side front windshield

Can I order a Duplicate Driver’s License there? What is the cost?2020-01-20T17:58:50-05:00

We print Intermediate Driver’s license cards that hold validity for 15 days. The duplicate license will be mailed to the customers address within the 15 day time frame.

Can I renew my registration there? How much is it? What do I need?2020-01-20T17:59:25-05:00
  • Yes, bring in valid driver’s license, insurance card, & renewal slip or old registration card, you will walk out with the new registration card & sticker same day
  • Cost: State fee + $24.00 Aston Auto Tags fee
How do I get a duplicate registration card/sticker? What do I need? How much is it?2020-01-20T17:59:58-05:00
  • Bring in valid driver’s license, & some type of vehicle information (VIN, title #, or tag #) $31.00, walk out same day with new card/sticker
How do I complete a title transfer after someone passes away?2020-01-20T18:00:28-05:00
  • Bring in the title
  • An original short certificate or death certificate (if using death certificate, informant & all surviving heirs must be present)
  • Buyer must be present with valid driver’s license & proof of PA Insurance
  • Bring in the mileage of the vehicle
  • A bill of sale (if applicable)
How do I order a duplicate title? How much is it?2020-01-20T18:01:12-05:00
  • Standard service: 7-10 business days $76
  • Fast Service: 3 business days w/tracking number $126
  • All owners must be present with valid driver’s license or state ID
  • Out of state residents who lost PA title need to bring in 2 proofs of out of state residency
Can I order a birth certificate through you? How much is it?2020-01-20T18:01:38-05:00

Yes, it takes 6-8 weeks and it is $50

Can I renew my driver’s license there? How much is it?2020-01-20T18:02:06-05:00
  • Yes, bring in your old license, and we will print out camera card instantly
  • Camera cards allow for customers to go to photo center for picture
Do you do launch permits? How much is it?2020-01-20T18:02:36-05:00
  • Yes, we have 1 or 2 year permits, bring in the haul#, valid driver’s license, year, make, & model
  • 1 year permit= $10 + our fee of $30
  • 2 year permit= $18 + our fee of $30

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