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When and Why you Need Boat and Watercraft insurance

Either you own a boat because that’s how you make a living, or you own a boat for recreation, enjoyment, and relaxation. Either way, it’s hard to get the most out of your watercraft without peace of mind knowing that your vessel is fully covered by insurance.

Boating tends to be a safer activity than driving. It’s unlikely that you’re going to run into another boat out on the open waters, but boating is a pursuit that brings with it a handful of significant liability issues. Larger boats are especially concerning in many instances as there is always a chance that they can do some damage in a collision. Paying for those damages out of pocket can turn a fun day out on the ocean or the lake into a major financial burden.

Fulginiti Insurance is devoted to bringing you the peace of mind that will allow you to enjoy your trip. It’s hard to focus on catching that big sea bass or sailing off into the sunset when you’re concerned about liability and damages to your watercraft. Pennsylvania has some beautiful lakes in driving distance from Aston, PA, but it’s hard to enjoy them to their fullest when you’re feeling the pressure of everything that can go wrong on a boating trip.

In some instances, boats do not require insurance, but in these instances, we’re talking about small fishing rafts, essentially toys for the swimming pool. If you’re a serious boater, you need to make sure that your watercraft is full covered both in the event of damages and in the event of liability.

So Fulginiti Insurance’s proposal: Let us worry about all of that. You only worry about taking in the lakes and rivers and coastlines of Pennsylvania. Get your boat or watercraft covered by calling our Aston, PA offices to see what we can do for you.

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