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What to Know About Renter’s Insurance

When renting a place to live, there are problems that can occur related to weather damage, theft, fire, and other disasters. While the owner is responsible for the property damage rather than the renter, the only way for the occupant to protect their possessions and valuables is through renters insurance. The state of Pennsylvania Insurance Department recommends that renters obtain coverage for a variety of reasons, such as covering stolen items or protecting the tenant from potential lawsuits if others are injured while on their property. It is also useful if a renter has their belongings stolen while they are away from home, as these mishaps are also covered in most cases.

Keeping all of these factors in mind, it is obvious why renters insurance is necessary for many different kinds of people such as students, temporary workers, and the self-employed. Even though renters insurance is not required by law in the state of Pennsylvania, it can be an essential investment for people who rent rather than own their apartment or home in Aston, PA or around the state. Also realize that some landlords may require their tenants to obtain a renters insurance policy as part of a lease agreement, as the landlord’s insurance usually does not extend any coverage to the tenant’s belongings. In cases where multiple people are listed on the lease, it is crucial to make sure all roommates are listed on a renters insurance policy as well. Otherwise, they are not going to be covered.

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