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Floods can affect people anywhere in Pennsylvania. Even if you aren’t in a flood zone, you still face risks of rising water and surprise flash floods that could leave you homeless and at a loss with your personal belongings. Flood insurance isn’t always required, but our agents at Fulginiti Insurance suggest it is always recommended.

Flood Insurance: Recommendation vs. Requirement

Many mortgage lenders, including federal government-backed companies, require borrowers living in Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) to purchase flood insurance. However, it is highly recommended that even homeowners living outside of SFHAs consider it. The reason being that Pennsylvania experiences a significant amount of flooding in areas other than designated flood hazard areas, resulting in homeowners and renters experiencing significant damages for which they could not be reimbursed because they had not purchased flood insurance.

This is backed up by National Hurricane Center Director, Ken Graham, who warned that “Many do not understand how hurricanes affect Pennsylvania directly.” He also pointed out the need to consider how inland flooding can impact and devastate homes and businesses in areas like Aston, PA.

If You Ask Us

Although it is not required, Fulginiti Insurance feels that flood insurance is an invaluable way to protect your Aston, PA home should flooding occur. After all, you don’t have to live near the ocean for your home to be flooded. Long-lasting periods of rain or even broken sewer lines can fill your home with water just as well. According to figures put out by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, one out of four flood insurance claim payments go to homeowners who, although they live outside of SFHAs, decide not to leave their home’s protection up to chance.

If you’re considering flood insurance in light of the rough weather we’ve experienced, or if you want to go over your current homeowner or renter insurance policy, give us a call, or visit Fulginiti Insurance. Our door is always open to you — even when it’s raining!

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