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Motorcycle riders should be aware of the potential for severe damage to occur if they get into an accident. A comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy is the best way to make sure you are covered if something terrible were ever to happen while you are on the roads. This is true for motorcycle enthusiasts in Aston, PA as well as other areas nearby. Accidents involving motorcycles often result in substantial medical bills, damage to the bike and other property, and even fatalities, which is why insurance is so important. Fulginiti Insurance serves this area with superior insurance coverage and customer service.

State regulations

Pennsylvania has its own laws regarding motorcycle insurance, just like every other state. All motor vehicles need to have some basic liability coverage while they are being used on the roads. According to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, all riders must have coverage and wear helmets. This helmet requirement can be waived for certain older, more experienced riders who have completed specific safety requirements. The state also allows insurance companies to give discounts based on bikes that have safety features such as anti-lock brakes. By law, drivers of all motor vehicles are also required to be able to present proof of insurance to law enforcement when asked. An insurance agent can give more specific details based on your particular model of motorcycle and its relevant features.

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If you are interested in learning more about motorcycle insurance in the Aston, PA area, agents from Fulginiti Insurance are available to answer your questions. They can give more specific information based on the type of motorcycle you own and the type of coverage that is best for your personal situation based on things like your driving habits and the cost of your bike. Contact our office to get a quote.

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